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Passion, Excellence, Adaptability and Knowledge (PEAK), are the watchwords that guide VIE's commitment to create and continuously improve our courses. We cater for a diverse community of learners and our platform allows for "learning on their own terms".  The success of our students is VIE's heartbeat, so extensive resources are dedicated to ensuring that our students excel.
"Strive for Excellence"
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We help you fuel your personal development by offering 

Video Content

Engages multiple senses thereby increasing retention.

Course Community

Benefit from peer review, encouragement and motivation as you navigate your studies.  Know that your are not alone.

Flash cards

The salient points are presented in a condensed, memory jogging fashion.

Quizzes and Worksheets

We provide ample opportunity for you to gauge your understanding and progress. 

Meet your directors

Our experienced staff will unveil the secrets to success that will nurture your
online adventure at a very affordable cost. Germaine Raymond & Rachael Mahabir-Edwards
are qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge in their fields.

Meet Mrs Raymond

Meet Mrs Edwards

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